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LBMA Gold Price AM 1,799.35----20200708
Equivalent NTD Price AM 6,417.0----20200708
LBMA Gold Price PM 1,811.10----20200708
Equivalent NTD Price PM 6,459.0----20200708
Taipei Forex Inc. Spot USD/TWD FX Rate 29.436----11:00:0020200708

The Equivalent NTD Price AM/PM shall be calculated on the basis of the LBMA Gold Price AM/PM, which has been converted into NT dollars and reckoned by weight, fineness and the foreign exchange rate. The formula is as follows:
(LBMA Gold Price AM/PM ÷ 31.1035 × 3.75 × 0.9999 ÷ 0.995) × USD / TWD rate
The Equivalent NTD Price AM/PM is rounded downward to the nearest minimum price fluctuation(0.5) of TAIFEX NT Dollar Gold Futures.

The final settlement price of TAIFEX NT Dollar Gold Futures/Gold Options contracts can be found in

Note: The LBMA Gold Price is the per ounce value of 0.995 fineness gold. In order to calculate into one Taiwan cian, the LBMA Gold Price shall be computed by weight, fineness for each NT gold price (0.9999). 1 troy ounce = 31.1035 grams, 1 Taiwan cian = 3.75 grams; the LBMA Gold Price AM is on 0.995 gold, while the underlying of TAIFEX NT Dollar Gold Futures/Gold Options is 0.9999 gold.