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TAIEX: 11,180.22(-6.66)   HIGH: 11,237.38   LOW: 11,154.86 Total Vol: 407,367  
RTF119 TC 7.0905517.0923517.0876-0.00510.151907.08467.08817.07787.092715:50:42
RTF129 TC 7.096217.0969517.0904-0.01460.121307.08367.09217.08367.105016:02:26
RTF030 TC 7.1091517.1109517.1036-0.01610.133797.10197.11077.10187.119715:34:06
RTF060 TC 7.1204517.1226517.1171-0.00400.091357.11097.11727.11097.121115:33:08
RTF090 TC 7.1345517.1365517.1285-0.00980.053507.12637.12857.12467.138315:26:05
RTF120 TC 7.1509517.1529517.1331-0.01490.091027.13987.13987.13317.148009:16:48
RHF119 TC 7.0905167.0923167.0854-0.00660.0067.08547.08547.08547.092015:25:04
RHF129 TC 7.096217.0975167.0906-0.01600.04337.08807.09097.08807.106616:02:22
RHF030 TC 7.1091167.1109167.1041-0.01560.11807.10257.11007.10257.119715:33:53
RHF060 TC 7.1204167.1226167.1159-0.00630.0067.11597.11597.11597.122215:25:04
RHF090 TC 7.1345167.1365167.1285-0.00600.04907.12637.12857.12577.134515:25:44
RHF120 TC 7.1509167.152916--------7.1496
XEF129 TC 1.09001--1.11570.00400.0041.11571.11571.11571.111714:49:45
XEF030 TC ----1.12280.00400.081641.12361.12361.12271.118814:55:11
XEF060 TC ------------1.1276
XEF090 TC ------------1.1340
XJF129 TC 108.003108.561108.32-0.140.16235108.28108.32108.15108.4616:14:12
XJF030 TC ----107.61-0.110.0162107.62107.62107.61107.7209:45:41
XJF060 TC ------------106.97
XJF090 TC ------------106.55
XBF129 TC 1.286921.290411.28940.00940.302971.28871.29041.28661.280015:54:20
XBF030 TC ----1.29220.00660.113341.29091.29231.29091.285614:43:28
XBF060 TC ------------1.2864
XBF090 TC ------------1.2916
XAF129 TC 0.6838260.690010.68420.00500.152140.68480.68490.68390.679215:53:00
XAF030 TC --0.693310.68540.00480.031320.68530.68550.68530.680610:00:01
XAF060 TC ------------0.6832
XAF090 TC ------------0.6845
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PT (Pre-Trading) - 15 minutes prior to opening of trading session, TAIFEX discloses calculated opening prices (COP) and volume, best 5 bids/offers prices and corresponding volumes of simulated matching every 5 seconds for all contracts."M" represents market orders.
NCP (Non-Cancel Period) - 2 minutes prior to opening of trading session, orders can only be entered, but not deleted or modified.
TH (Trading Halt) - trading halt, due to breakdown of TAIFEX trading system or trading halt of underlying.
TC (Trading Close) - trading close.
PO (Postponed Opening) - postponed opening of underlying market.
PC (Postponed Closing) - postponed closing of underlying market.
CO(Cooling-Off Period) - Enhanced Circuit Breaker of Foreign Index Futures or FX Futures or commodity futures and options is triggered. After the 10 minutes Cooling-Off Period, the price limits of all months contracts will be expanded to 2nd (or 3rd) level. (During the 10 minutes Cooling-Off Period, the trading of those products continues within the 1st (or 2nd) level price limits.)
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